I want this experience to be one that you and your children will enjoy. My goal is to capture real life moments that reflect your child's true beauty and spirit. This moment if your family’s life is what I want you to remember!


All work is done on location, so there are many possibilities. I will use very limited props and all natural lighting. Backyards, local parks or homes are great choices.   Urban sessions are a fun and popular look now to! We will go to downtown areas or even abandoned buildings if we can find cool ones and you feeI like being brave! I can offer suggestions of local areas that make nice settings. I prefer to have the shoot outdoors because it lets the child be more relaxed and natural. Also the quality of natural light creates beautiful images of your child. However, if an indoor session is preferred I can set up a small studio setting at my home or your home with simple backdrops.  I also travel out of state for sessions.  Please contact me for more information.

The session fee is due upon scheduling your session or within 1 week of your appointment. The sitting fee is not refunded if a session is cancelled without advance notice (time is based on where the session takes place.)  When traveling outside of Utah cancellations must be made 7 days prior to the scheduled session for a refund.  For sessions in Utah, they must be cancelled 48 hrs. in advance.
Heather Gibb is available for travel.   Please contact her for more information.


Keep it simple!! The best clothing for black and white photographs is solid colors (not stripes, patterns and logos). Medium to light tones are best! Children of all ages look great barefoot! Black, white, khaki and denim also look good. Babies look darling either without clothes or just a diaper and cover.
 If more than one child will be photographed together, the outfits do not need to match but should be in complimentary tones, rather than color. Go for a coordinated but not “uniform” look.  A good rule is to choose outfits for the entire family as if you were creating one outfit. 
If you are doing an individual child session, let your child’s personality shine through with your clothing choice.  Hats, scarves, boots and other accessories make for a fun photo!
 To help create a timeless portrait of your child, clothing choice is important. Feel free to discuss options with me or to bring a variety of clothes for my personal opinion.  If time permits, clothing changes can take place.
I have also created a slideshow to show you some visual possibilities. It can be found at password is “clothing”.  I will also email you a guide upon scheduling your session.


The best way to insure a great session is to arrive well rested, fed and happy!  Photo sessions can be stressful, but try and relax. Children can sense when you are stressed.  It is best to let the children be themselves.  I love to capture the spontaneous and playful expressions that come from kids being kids!  Often, the less verbal direction they are given from their parents, the better they do.
Please have faces and noses clean.


You can plan on your session lasting one hour. I try to keep it fun and painless for the children and more importantly, dad!  I have found that children get restless and worn out if we try to have to long of a session. Be assured, that I work fast and get a variety of poses and family groupings in that time frame.  I wont end the session until  I am confident that I have images that will make you smile.
Newborn sessions, are hard to predict and will usually last up to two hours


An  online slideshow will be available for viewing within 2 weeks of your session. The gallery will remain up for 7 days for you to order. If you need a 4 day extension, the cost is $25.  If your gallery is removed and needs to be republished it is $40, for an additional 4 days.

Please view the wall recommendation gallery for ideas on groupings in your home.  Do not hesitate to email Heather or arrange a phone ordering appointment!

An album with 30-40 finished 5x7 prints from your session is available for purchase.  The album is complimentary with orders over $1000 and placed within the 7 days that your gallery is online.   If tthe order reaches $1000 and is placed after the 7 days, the set of proofs can be added onto your order for $200.
 If more than 40 proofs are shown to you, you may select the 40 proofs to receive. The proofs will be printed the way they are online (typically a variety of b/w and color).

Images are kept for 60 days from your session date.  After that time, all ordered images will be kept for 1 year and all other images will no longer be available.

Print purchases will be delivered within approximately 3-4 weeks

Visa, Mastercard, Discover, cash and checks are accepted.  Full payment is required when the order is placed


All clients are required to sign a model release and copyright notice prior to their session. All images are the property of Heather Gibb Photography, and are protected by federal copyright laws. Therefore, you may not copy images, without prior consent. It is not nice or legal to scan pictures and make copies!

Heather Gibb Photography reserves the right to publish and print all images and photographs for marketing and promotional purposes. 

The music on my site is used by permission of the great band Fisher!  They have alot of fun music so visit their site!
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